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Franklin County Chamber members are committed to making a dynamic community to be enjoyed by all.  Through their membership investment in the Chamber, they ensure that all residents enjoy excellent recreational, educational and cultural opportunities.  They also contribute to the prosperity of the local economy, working with the local governments and area economic developers in providing jobs for our area residents.

Our members and staff stand ready and willing to meet the needs of our growing area.  This website is designed for daily use by Chamber members and the public to identify sources for needed products and services in the area.

Franklin County TN Chamber of Commerce
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Advocacy & Representation Activities of the Chamber

As a business owner, manager, or community member, your time is valuable. You want someone listening to your concerns that affect commerce and working to understand and address those concerns for the common good. That's where we come in. The Chamber is always on the lookout for issues that could affect Franklin County businesses and our community in a positive or negative way. The Chamber engages in dialogue with representatives at all levels of government - federal, state, and county.

The Chamber provides information and feedback to help promote increased understanding of our member’s concerns.

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The Tennessee State Fair's committee recently presented the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce (FCCC) with the 2nd place award for "Best County Booth." From left, Shannon Stephens, FCCC staff member, Carol Fulmer, FCCC board member, Dave Van Buskirk, FCCC president and Judy Taylor, FCCC executive director, designed, set up and manned the exhibit highlighting Franklin County at the 108th Tennessee State Fair in Nashville.

(Photo by Lynn Williams, Tenn. State Fair Administrator)


As the 108th Tennessee State Fair came to a close in Nashville Sept. 14,

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce (FCCC) Executive Director Judy Taylor, Chamber President Dave Van Buskirk and their team left the event with a sense of pride and accomplishment.


Not only had they helped design, set up and man an exhibit representing Franklin County at the state fair, but they came away with tangible recognition from the event’s organizers.

“This was the 8th Annual Franklin County Fair and the first time our county fair ever entered a booth at the state fair,” Taylor said. “Our [Franklin County Chamber of Commerce] team's efforts paid off when the Tennessee State Fair's committee presented the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce with the 2nd place award for ‘Best County Booth.’”

Van Buskirk was quick to point out the pivotal role Barbara Finney, FC Fair Board chairman and FC Commissioner, District 6, had taken in the success of the 2014 Franklin County Fair.

“My sister, Virginia Sawyer, and I volunteered to pull together components [Judy Taylor and the others used to set up the Franklin County exhibit at the State Fair],” Finney said. “Most of what we had came from easily recyclable materials. And the theme for the Franklin County State Fair, ‘Tractors, Dirt and Muddy Shirts’ was very fitting for our county, where agriculture plays an important role in our economy and lifestyle.”

Taylor also commented on how the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce got involved with the exhibit competition in the Tennessee State Fair.

“Franklin County Fair Board member Wendy Crowley had approached FCCC President Dave Van Buskirk and me regarding a new partnership,” Taylor said. “The partnership would be ownership by our chamber to set up and take down an exhibit showcasing the Franklin County Fair.” 

Taylor added, “The exhibit had to include tourism, agriculture, cultural and educational opportunities, special events like festivals, our musical heritage, industry, manufacturing, recreation, crafts, historic sites and state and national parks.” 

Taylor said the FCCC board of directors voted to approve the partnership and got to work, loaded up the representative components for the exhibit and headed to Nashville to set up the booth.

“This is one of the many things we do and do well,” Van Buskirk said.



For additional information on the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, contact the staff at 931-967-9788 or communicate via the organization’s email address, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




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