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"Franklin County, TN is a progressive community with a tradition of faith and an awareness of its heritage. We strive to preserve and protect our environment and natural beauty and are strongly committed to quality education, cultural diversity, enterprising in both its economy and government."

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As a business owner, manager, or community member, your time is valuable. You want someone listening to your concerns that affect commerce and working to understand and address those concerns for the common good. That's where we come in. The Chamber is always on the lookout for issues that could affect Franklin County businesses and our community in a positive or negative way. The Chamber engages in dialogue with representatives at all levels of government - federal, state, and county.


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Franklin County Government

Agriculture Extension Office - 931-967-2741

Assesor of Property - 931-967-3876

F.C. Board of Education Board of Education - 931-967-0626

Chancery Court - 931-967-2843

County County Clerks Office - 931-967-2541

County Mayors Office - 931-967-2905

Circuit Court Clerk - 931-967-2923

Elections Administrator - 931-967-1893

Emergency Communications - 931-967-2331

Emergency Management - 931-967-4532

Finance Office - 931-967-1279

General Sessions Clerk - 931-967-2089

General Sessions Judge - 931-962-4133

Health Department - 931-967-3826

Highway Department - 931-967-2755

Industrial Development - 931-967-5319

Jail - 931-962-0123

Library - 931-967-3706

Planning and Zoning - 931-967-0981

Probation Services - 931-968-0005

Rabies Control - 931-967-5389

Register of Deeds - 931-967-2840

Senior Citizens - 931-967-0741

Solid Waste Authority - 931-967-1139

Trustee - 931-967-2962

Veteran Affairs - 931-967-9322

Program of Work

The Franklin County Chamber of Commerce’s Program of Work is comprised of support projects and services, leadership activities, appreciation events, development activities, and fundraising projects which allows Franklin County to progress and grow. This “Program of Work” promotes a better quality of life for the community of Franklin County.


Leadership Franklin County is a five month program designed to build and enhance leadership skills through interactive learning sessions at the local and state levels.
Franklin County Leadership consists of Youth & Adult classes meeting together to explore leadership styles and methods to operate city and county leadership roles in growing communities.  Youth class members are provided a mentor in their chosen career path to explore opportunities and challenges of their career choice. Leadership Franklin County is a requirement of the State of Tennessee’s Three-Star Program.

• The mission of Leadership Franklin County is to assist personal development of the county’s current and future leaders by:
• Identifying potential and existing leaders and helping them to improve their knowledge and skills for carrying out their voluntary commitment to the community.
• Providing participants with practical understanding of how existing institutions in the county function and interact.
• Providing participants with a diversity of leadership skills training.
Adult Class
The program is for adults who work or live in Franklin County and for juniors who attend school in Franklin County.  Leadership Franklin County consists of an orientation, a retreat in September and five topic-oriented day-long sessions from September to February with Graduation in February.  Each participant will become involved in several civic/volunteer organizations. 
Youth Class
Each youth class member will be assigned a mentor (a knowledgeable and respected leader in the community).  Meetings of mentor & protégé will be scheduled monthly to discuss leadership skills.

Topics include:
Courts and Public Safety
Community Needs and Services
Local Government
Economic and Community Development
State Government
Franklin County History/ Education/Geography Civic participation activities include:
Attending a County Commission Meeting
Attending a School Board Meeting


All classes are mandatory and required for completion of Leadership Franklin County.  Full day classes are scheduled for Wednesdays from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. On State Government Day, Leadership will depart from the Chamber at 6:00AM and return about 6:00PM.  To obtain a confirmed schedule contact the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce.

Packets for Adults must be submitted by August 29th and for Youths by the last Friday in June
Each class is limited.  The groups chosen will include a cross-section of adults and high school juniors who are broadly representative of the community.  They will have demonstrated a desire to serve the community, a willingness to seek leadership roles, and a commitment to participate in their Leadership program. Applications may be obtained from the Chamber at (931) 967-6788 or for the youth at their school guidance office. The Leadership Franklin County Steering Committee will review all applications for the adult and the youth class.  Those selected will be notified in  August. 
Each participant must contribute $300. For expenses incurred  (Meals, travel, and other expenses)   Participants may secure a sponsor if needed.



The primary goal of our Chamber is to create economic community growth, attract tourists, and at the same time it is imperative to maximize every opportunity to market member services and products. The Chamber represents local business professionals and manufacturers at all levels of government and provide valuable services for our members.
The Chamber provides information and feedback to help promote increased understanding of our member’s concerns.

We Always Try to Create a Difference

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